A logbook of my obsessive learning journey

Dear world,

My name is Lorenzo Pasqualis. I am a software engineering leader with over 30 years of experience in building software systems.

English is not my first language. I was born and raised in Italy, and my Italian is definitely better than my English. Even if I do make mistakes, I like writing in English nonetheless. In these pages I will not attempt to write in perfect English, which would be too time consuming and frustrating for me. However, I will attempt to make my thinking process as clear as possible. I welcome any corrections to my English language as I am constantly trying to improve. In the meantime, I hope that you will see past grammar and spelling errors, and focus on the content.

Why this blog and why should you follow it? Simple. Over the years I had many obsessions, coming and going in waves.

An obsession is usually brought by another obsession, and is usually followed by another. Each obsession is linked to the previous one by some tread of knowledge, and to the next one by some natural pathways of idea evolution. I like to go deep in any subject I touch, and subjects tend to morph into others by a continuity of logical and technical relationships. As you can imagine, i read a lot. I have hundreds of paper books, thousands of Kindle books, I constantly find new material on Kindle Unlimited (saves my life, and bank account!) and I am a voracious user of Audible during my morning and evening commute.

Let me give you ONE example of what I mean. Years ago I got into doodling with ballpoint pens. I was fascinated by the ability of cheap Bic pens to render amazing pieces of art. From there, I started becoming interested on the mechanics of ballpoint pens, and how they are built and the types of inks they employ. I did some extensive research on ballpoint pen inks, their lightfastness and durability. From there I discovered how ink images can be transferred to other surfaces via chemical processes, and became interested in alternative print techniques. One technique that fascinated me the most was Gumoil Printing, and I built a UV lightbox to play and experiment with it. From there.... well, you get the point.

Each obsession is very important to me at that particular time, and when it changes it leaves some profound learnings that stay with me for life, even if the bulk of the details of the material I examined is mostly forgotten.

My obsessions can be grouped in a few categories:

  • Technology. Software, hardware, engineering, trends, devices, gadgets. I love anything that has a display or a chip in it, and I am always in search for new emerging technologies.
  • Building things. This can include woodworking, DIY, software, electronics.
  • Creating art. This can include drawing, painting, sculpture, photography. I am always in pursuit of some kind of artistic voyage.
  • Social interactions. Includes understanding people, human behaviors, social engineering, relationships, negotiation, leadership.
  • Business and Career. Includes leadership, management, business.
  • Health. This includes cooking, weight loss/management, fitness, spirituality, meditation, mental expansion.
  • Learning. I am avid reader of anything and everything. While my readings usually follow my obsessions, learning itself is a lifetime obsession.

This blog is a logbook of my learnings, experiments, obsessions, hacks, lessons learned and whatever makes me tick at any given time.

I hope you'll enjoy following my voyages.